HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!


yes yes well, exam finished, and i was all busy busy, till i forgot to blog

sort of didnt have the mood to blog, or the things that took place is just not something that i would want the whole world to know…

anyways, catch my pictures in facebook, need to contact me, well, you have my number, msn, and facebook address… just wanted to say that i will not be blogging here anymore… i have lost the interest to blog about outings or trips or random happenings in my life…

on that note, thank you for visiting!!




i was studying in my room… then i suddenly felt the urge to eat something sweet, like cake…


so i went downstairs, took out all my baking stuff, *poof* 45 minutes and i had cake to eat ady… LOL… the wonders of baking =)  it made my day; on another note, OH MY GOD GOSH! (we do not say god’s name in vain) i have TWO more papers to go! 23rd June here i come! i need sleep =.=


i m walking away from the troubles in my life

i m walking away to find a better day

i m walking away from you

i dont want to say goodbye to you

love is one big illusion that i should try to forget

i m the one who is feeling lost right now

sitting here all alone in the middle of nowhere

dont know which way to go

there aint so much to say now between us

there can be miracles

when you believe

though hope is frail

its hard to kill

in this time of fear

when prayer so often proves in vain

hope seems like the summer bird

too swiftly flown away

i was lost in a lonely place

could hardly even believe it

holding on to yesterdays

far, far too long

but i know its time

to walk away, away from you



i wanted to blog about something, but i think i have forgotened haha… well maybe cause its the whole thing being nostalgic bout highschool, and missing my highschool friends and all… highschool was so much fun, yes yes there was drama, a lot in fact haha, but well, that was one part of highschool that really really made it fun. i miss my classmates, i miss my friends… and with everyone creating albums in facebook bout our memories… just makes you go “awwww” hahaha…

yes we do keep in touch, yes we do talk, but it will never be the same right? pulling a friend into the stairway just to tell her something… someone you see everyday, you tell them so many things, and now they are miles and miles away… when all you want is just that time again, at the stairway, just to tell her how you feel…sighhh

i really should be studying… but well, i think i will create a highschool album as well >< to show my friends how much i miss them… haha

cherish your friends. dont take them for granted. its hard when you lose a friend. it is. sometimes those near you arent there anymore… those so close, just arent that close anymore. those who you always gave you sholder to cry on, is not there for you anymore… all you can do is hope. yes you might miss the person a lot, well looks like separation is what the destiny holds.

dont take anyone for granted.


AI craze

YES… it has been a total craze bout AI, which i just realized when a friend was asking me, “eh why the big deal? why is everyone listening to the songs and all? whats with the craze yoe?”  I answered, “cause it american idol la!!! hahaha… its the season XD” LOL



i have been playing his songs again and again, his voice makes me metl!… haha not bored of it yet =D and totally loving Falling Slowly and Heartless do dld it people!but yes i will not disagree, that Adam Lambert is a fantastic vocalist, love his Tracks of My Tears… =)



i really really really need to go out for some GOOD food!! ok its just i have not been to midvalley for the pass two weeks ady! so i m craving!! i think its the stress… yes yes its the stress


something cold, really sweet, with fruits, sooooo refreshing, judging from our weather nowadays, you really DO need a dessert you know! AHHH I WANT!!!


AND SUSHI!!! i have sushi like everyweek!! but i didnt have it for the pass two weeks! so i m craving!! i want to go to Zanmai… i tell you, i m so gonna get someone to teman me for makan one of these days >< (oh btw the sushi picture was taken at this small sushi place in Pantai…we go one day k? very nice, pretty affordable…oh and THAT was two people’s lunch =D)

any takers? come we go makan!!!



oh gosh the exams are so stressful, and i m in such pressure! cause my papers are freaking hard to score… and yes theres like loads and piles of notes to read, latihan to complete, facts to memorize and calculations/formulas to master… ting ting ting! feels like super no life now lol!


so i do take my regular breaks, for a drink of starbucks, most of the time with Swee. well we watched Night at the Museum 2 yesterday, really random it was. haha. so i just finished one week of exam, now i have like a 1 week break, before i start again on June 1st untill June 23rd =.= oh we watched He’s NOT that into You before my exams started as well… ladidadadada!

i think i forgot how to blog… the method of blogging… O.O *gasp* it feels weird to blog after so long hahaha… i havent even been blog surfing… haha.. but i have been facebooking a lot la… the facebook quizzes are so addictive… cause bout 75% of them gives you the correct… haha so it makes it so enlightening and fun, that you keep on taking them =.=


ladidadada! i miss you… i miss you a lot… ting its broken! yes yes it broke…*Broken by Secondhand Serenade* long before we realised that it already was… sigh… *pretend to hug YOU, while i hug eddie ><*